Our Artists

Each Property showcases local Austin Artists. Some of their work is for sale, inquire if you are interested.


Cheryl Rae
With an undergraduate in Photography and an MA in art museum education, Cheryl brings her love of science fiction, toys and cartoons to life using color and line in her mosaics. ” I feel the making and appreciation of art is about letting the mind go and being pleased where it ends up.”


willieWilliam Stidham
William (Bill) K. Stidham came to painting after a bruising experience trying to get his contemporary fiction novel published. Having spent four years in writing, editing, choosing an agent, more editing, then shopping publishing houses, he hit a disappointing dead end. Bill, at that point, decided to pick up a watercolor kit from the local Walgreen’s in order to do something different with his creative energy.

With each painting, more was revealed about him, and what needed to be healed in his human condition became more illuminated. He refers to his paintings as a “spiritual exercise” where God takes over. He challenges himself with every painting by destroying them, then bringing them back to life. Not having a formal education in art, he looks at this ability to communicate with others through art as a gift.


 Regina E. Visconi
I like to find places, things, and people who are more interesting than me, and take pictures of them…

“A Chicago native, Regina moved to Austin in 2005, quickly fell in love with the local music scene, and all Austin has to offer. She began shooting live music for fun, learning her way around the camera, and developing her style through trial and error. In 2007, Regina moved overseas, where she continued to hone her skills as a freelance documentary and cultural portrait photographer, while completing an advanced degree in Anthropology. Upon returning to Austin in 2010, she reunited with her first love… live music! Her assignments include artists from MTV, Hype Music, SXSW, and publications in several magazines and websites.”

joyceJoyce Wisdom –  My work is strictly autobiographical… through it I express a mood or feeling about a certain place or time. Color has always been my primary means of expression. Combined with a sewing background, I try to arrive at a synthesis of color and form. I often mark, stitch or cut out into the surface to reveal an interior touching on the spiritual.